Event & Catering

Goosse, a winning combination of culinary creativity and organisational skill.

­When you choose Goosse, you're choosing an event that's a gastronomic reflection of your corporate culture or personality. Agron Billa, our head chef, will always ensure that everything fits the theme.

Goosse has made a name for itself in top-tier event gastronomy, thanks to its unique, thoughtful approach to each and every event. It's why handing an entire event is a breeze for us.


High-quality service! Delectable dishes carefully prepared by chef Agron Billa. It was great! Verrukkelijk
An outstanding caterer at every level! The quality of both the services and the products as well as the dishes is outstanding. Dishes are carefully prepared and are absolutely top notch. I've had the opportunity to explore Agron Billa's work at several very different events, from Formula 1 to corporate events and private parties. And never once have I been disappointed! Uitstekend
Sophisticated cuisine backed by impeccable service, every time. Verfijnd

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