without skill is
as useless as
talent without

Our chefs are both flavour explorers and technical experts with specialist skills who ensure consistency in cooking to perfection. Even when they're serving 3,000 identical plates in a single evening. Our culinary expertise and reliability make us an indispensable part of large events.


"Our team is a
well-oiled machine
and you will see
- and taste -
that on your plate."

Goosse's kitchen is a paragon of skill and composure, where teams led by Agron Billa create culinary masterpieces. Our team works like a well-oiled machine that crafts perfection on your plate. As experienced organisers, we're prepared for unexpected situations and can easily adapt to make sure your event runs smoothly and serenely.


pleasure starts
with the eyes."

A stunning pattern of spring beans and golden-brown poultry... Gastronomic pleasure starts with the eyes. In the world of haute cuisine, like culinary stylists and flavour artists, we combine colour, form, and contrast to tantalise your taste buds. It's a method that can only succeed with fresh ingredients and respect for the product.


"Each recipe is
a perfect combination
of seasonal products."

Langoustines and asparagus come together in a harmony of flavours, a striking example of Agron Billa's philosophy of using seasonal, local products. Inspired by nature, he draws on our country's best offerings for his recipes.


"The common thread
running through
our teams?
Serving up a
plate brimming
with flavour."

Clear agreements are the foundation for greatness in Agron Billa's teams, where everyone from chefs to logistics staff has a professional role and responsibilities. Their common goal? To create a plate brimming with flavour.


"Agron Billa's
approach has made
Goosse a household
name for more
than 25 years."

Agron Billa seeks out innovation at the morning market, where he draws inspiration for new culinary creations. He partners with his team, spending hours refining those ideas until they're in perfect harmony. His unique vision and approach have helped build Goosse's reputation for more than 25 years.


"We make it
our mission to
help clients discover
(and rediscover) the
flavour of
excellent products."

Goosse is committed to craftsmanship; we believe our primary mission is helping clients experience the unique flavour of excellent products. Our creative, astounding dishes, like rocket sorbet, anise bread, and blueberry butter, underscore our commitment to uniqueness and an extraordinary flavour experience.