Agron Billa

Notre Chef

Agron Billa, Goosse's top chef, is a culinary composer. His ingredients are the notes of his culinary masterpiece. He weaves melodies with spices and flavours to bring everything together perfectly. His main sources of inspiration? Belgium and his Mediterranean roots.

In his kitchen, the sound of pans reverberates as he works to the rhythm of the knives. The result is a mesmerising interplay of flavours designed to thrill the taste buds. Virtuosity is born of passion for a craft. And Agron Billa is a perfectionist at heart, who, just like an orchestra conductor, sets the beat for his teams. Time and again, passion echoes through everything he does.

As a chef, he is convinced that only by playing together can you build a true magnum opus on the plate. It's what makes Agron the master conductor, whose eye for detail brings out the best in his 'musicians'.